How Epic’s Infinity Blade still deserves a REBOOT

Last week, Apple’s and Epic’s disagreement reached another stage with Epic’s account on the App Store being terminated, rendering any future downloads of Fortnite or other games inaccessible.

There’s been many discussions as to who is right, who is wrong, and what should change going forward, but that’s not what this article is about.

Instead, thanks to being able to download ‘Infinity Blade III’ before Epic’s account was shut down last week, I’ve been playing the game non-stop on my iPhone X, and it hit me just how well it still holds up.

With that, here’s some history on the ’Infinity Blade’ trilogy, and why it should come back in some form soon.

Swipe to Strike

Ten years ago, Steve Jobs went on stage to announce iOS 4, and ‘Game Center’. It was Apple’s feature of communicating with other gamers, competing with them, messaging them, and earning achievements, similar to the Xbox 360.

Fast forward a few months and Epic Games announces a game called ‘Project Sword’, where it went beyond the standard designs and graphics on smartphones while you waited for a train to arrive.

Here, you would control a Knight that would collect coins and items to build themselves up, before they fight a boss to try and wield the ‘Infinity Blade’. It was smart in the fact that a ‘Groundhog Day’ device would be used, being able to repeat the day over and over, while being able to improve upon your items and skills. Think ‘Majoras Mask’ but without the horrifying moon.

You would use taps to transverse the terrain and spot any items laying about. When in a fight, you would swipe in the needed directions to strike, parry, dodge and block when needed. It’s oddly addicting when a ‘parry strike’ would occur.

Infinity Blade 3
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Title Screen. On my iPhone X
Infinity Blade; Parry
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Round 1: SWIPE!

Three games would appear over the years, concluding with ‘Infinity Blade III’ in 2013, the game that I’ve been playing over the last week. Even though it’s not updated to take advantage of the screen to an iPhone X, it’s still very useable, and it’s still very fun. Selecting between a male or female knight is a great touch, while using your touch to scope over the terrain for any coins or chests on one play through, makes you wonder what else could occur in the next play-through.

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Parry Break

It’s still fun; it’s still addicting, and for an iOS game, that says quite a lot, especially when the Store is covered in games that seem to all have a similar design in colours, levels and characters. There’s been nothing like ‘Infinity Blade’ since, and to me, that’s the true casualty of Epic’s account being deleted, not Fortnite.

But it doesn’t mean that the series can’t come back on another platform. It can still appear on the Google Play Store, and the Nintendo Switch would be the ideal system for the game to come on.

Infinity Blade; Stats
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All the stats for the blade.
Infinity Blade 3; FIGHT
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A better rivalry than Kylo Ren & Rey

A reboot that combines the three games, the three locations, and perhaps even throw in multiplayer to it, and you could have a fantastic game. Imagine using the joy-cons to swipe and parry to an enemy, or carrying on your progress on your PC in full 4K, controlling the game through VR or just a standard controller.

I believe there’s still so much potential that the Infinity Blade series can bring. It’s a dormant series that should come back. Epic bizarrely brought the ‘Infinity Blade’ into Fortnite a few years ago, but that’s all that’s occurred.

There’s so much potential for the series to come back, and while there’s next to no chance of the series being playable on iOS ever again, a Switch-reboot could be the next best thing.

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