Microsoft Edge update lets Xbox owners play Steam games via GeForce Now

When Xbox first announced it would bring its Game Pass library to Windows devices, PC owners bragged about having the best of both worlds. However, it seems Xbox players may soon catch up to PC players, with the latest Edge update allowing for PC gaming.

The recent Microsoft Edge update - available to those in the Alpha Skip-Ahead Microsoft Insiders program - was discovered to support Stadia streaming.

But now, as reported by GamesRadar, players can expect to run games using GeForce Now via their browser. This opens up the chance to play Steam games on the Xbox.

How to use GeForce Now on Xbox

To use GeForce Now, you must first open up the latest version of Microsoft Edge on your Xbox and go to the GeForce Now website here.

You will then need to log into your GeForce Now account. Here, you can then select a game from your library, and start playing (so long as you have a stable internet connection).

It is worth noting, however, that this workaround comes with some restrictions. Given the Xbox's lack of proper keyboard and mouse support, any games that require a keyboard and mouse - rather than controller support - will not be playable.

While the Microsoft Edge update is not currently available for the wider Xbox community, players can expect this feature to be made available in a future update.

Death Stranding is theoretically available to play via the Xbox...
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Death Stranding is theoretically available to play via the Xbox...

But, why?

Given many games from Steam/GeForce Now are already available on the Xbox One or Xbox Series X consoles, you may be wondering what use this could be.

For one, it could open up the chance for Xbox owners to play Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding- previously PlayStation exclusives - on their consoles.

This is just the latest discovery about the Microsoft Edge browser's potential. With xCloud streaming support coming to iOS and PC via a web browser in the future, Xbox owners may soon be able to stream Xbox games to their devices, without the need for hefty downloads.

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