New Xbox Series X update fixes controller disconnect issues

The latest Xbox update has addressed the issues with the Xbox Wireless Controller, according to Xbox's Director of Program Management Jason Ronald.

Sharing Xbox's system update for March on Twitter, Ronald said: "In addition to the new features, this release also fixes many of the controller disconnects players have reported."

This comes after Microsoft previously acknowledged reports of its controller suffering from frequent connection issues and unresponsive buttons.

Here's the latest of the Xbox Series X controller issues.

Xbox controller problems fixed

When the Xbox Series X first launched, the Microsoft forums became overrun by players experiencing connection issues with their controllers.

One post on - entitled 'XBOX Series X Controller keeps disconnecting' - has attracted 73,000 views since it was posted on November 13. According to the site, 3196 have had the same question.

Following these complaints, Microsoft promised it was working on a fix earlier this year. It seems this fix may have been rolled out in the most recent update, despite not appearing in the official Xbox post on the subject.

Ronald's tweet specifically references fixing "many of the controller disconnects". It is unknown whether the latest update also fixes the button unresponsiveness issues.

What else was in the Xbox March update?

Aside from the controller fix, the March update added toggle settings for the Xbox FPS Boost and Auto HDR features. It also updated the Xbox Accessories app in preparation for the Xbox Wireless Headset launch on March 16.

Xbox also announced that it is removing TV Listings from its OneGuide on the Xbox One. Alongside this, the update gave players further choices in subscriptions management and installing games.

Looking further into the future, Xbox is set to update its xCloud streaming service. PC and iOS support is set to launch later this year, alongside permitting 1080p streaming. With Bethesda now on board, it's a good time to be an Xbox owner.

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