How to use GeForce Now for the first time

NVIDIA's GeForce Now is a cloud-based gaming service app which works through a browser, but for someone new to streaming, it could be a challenge to understand how to use it for the first time.

Google's Chromebooks run on Chrome OS, which is a Linux-based environment, but the Chrome web browser is also featured here, with all the features from its macOS and Windows versions.

Many, especially students, are finding the Chromebooks to be a great use-case for NVIDIA's service between Lectures and remote-meetings. They're a fantastically cheap method to play the latest games available.

With that being said, here's how to use the NVIDIA GeForce Now service on Google's Chromebooks.

Sign up to NVIDIA GeForce Now on your Chromebook

Sign up right here to have a GeForce Now account, which has two tiers:

  • Free - Standard access to the library, with one hour of playtime.
  • Premium - Ray-tracing enabled for supported games, unlimited time, and high-bandwidth priority.

The 'Premium' tier is £8.99 a month or £89.99 a year, which is an affordable price for the features and the ever-growing library you get each month.

Log in and set up the NVIDIA GeForce Now on your Chromebook

Now once you are already signed up, you nay proceed by doing the next steps for your NVIDIA Gefore Now experience.

  • Log in to your account and search for a game that you want to play. You can check the list of available games for the service here.
  • Add the game to the library.
  • Launch the game in the library by selecting the Play.

It's important to keep in mind that not every game is best suited to a keyboard and mouse setup. Fortunately, it's possible to use a third-party controller with a Chromebook, which the streaming service will recognise.

With the service ever growing, Google's laptops don't have native support for games that's available on GeForce NOW. However, it's a fantastic alternative method for those who want to use a lunchtime break on Outriders or Torchlight III if they so wish.

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