How to connect a PS4 controller to NVIDIA GeForce Now on any device

Some games are best played when you are using an actual controller - the joystick and buttons add thrill to your experience. And this may also be the case for the NVIDIA GeForce Now, a streaming platform where the PS4 controller can be connected.

If you're not a fan of playing with a keyboard or mouse (or even a touch-screen on mobile), worry no more, as your PS4 controller can now make its way to the coveted game streaming app by NVIDIA.

And here's how to connect a PS4 controller to NVIDIA GeForce Now on any device:

Connect your PS4 controller to GeForce Now via cable

Your PS4 controller could be connected to the GeForce Now app by using a cable.

Although it ain't just any ordinary cable. It should be a micro USB and USB-A cable link.

There's a variety of brands for it. So it won't be much of a hard time for you to look for one. You may already have one knocking about.

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Connect your PS4 controller to GeForce Now via Bluetooth

Want to connect your PS4 controller wirelessly? Use its Bluetooth feature.

PC Mag listed the steps you need to follow:

  • Hold both the Share and PlayStation button on your PS4 controller.
  • Wait for the light bar on top of your controller to blink.
  • Once it does, it is now ready to be paired on your GeForce Now's host device - just go into the Bluetooth settings on your phone, tablet, PC or laptop and you should see the controller listed as an available device.

Once you're linked up, the GeForce Now app should recognise the controller next time you try to play!

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