Celebrate 25 years of Pokémon with a Controller from PowerA

There's countless amounts of gaming anniversaries this year, most of them celebrating their 25th or 30th milestones.

One to highlight is Pokémon, a series that you may have discovered from 'SMTV' on a Saturday, to its 'Pokémon GO' smartphone app.

To mark this, PowerA have been working on a controller to mark the occasion, which has been tailored to work on the Nintendo Switch.

With that, here's its features and when you can expect to buy it.

Name that Pokémon Controller

Called the 'Enhanced Wireless Controller - Pokémon', it can easily connect to your Switch console, featuring a design that's similar to Nintendo's own 'Pro Controller' variant.

The company state that the controller goes: "...across Nintendo Switch games featuring motion controls, mappable Advanced Gaming Buttons and Bluetooth® 5.0 technology for wireless play. With up to 30 hours of gameplay from the internal rechargeable battery, the Enhanced Wireless Controller gives you the edge you need in competitive play as well as flexibility and comfort during long, relaxed gaming sessions."

They have their own site which can help direct you to find the controller in certain parts of the world.

With the 25th anniversary officially starting on the 27th February, there are rumours that Nintendo are going to be announcing remakes of 'Diamond' and 'Pearl' from the 'Game Boy Advance' years, which would make this controller a perfect companion for these games if they were to be announced soon.

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When is it Out?

You can find it in the UK at Argos for £39.99, but they are also offering a carry case that can be seen on their site.

Featuring Bluetooth 5.0, motion controls, a rechargeable battery, it looks like a much more affordable option than what Nintendo offer, with their 'Pro Controller' still around the £60 mark.

However, with 'Mario 3D World' now out, and a 'Zelda Collection' rumoured to be announced soon, the controller would be gaining a lot of use out of the Switch's huge library of games.

If you're looking for a new controller to add to the collection, this looks like one to keep an eye out for.

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