Which email address is linked to my Pokemon Go account? Here's how to find out

Pokemon Go was absolutely massive when it launched, but a lot of people fell off after a few months because they felt like they'd done everything there was to do.

Well, thanks to a constant slew of updates, those same people might be coming back to the game and be hoping to jump straight back into catching some monsters.

The only thing is, maybe you can't remember which email you used to login to Pokemon Go?

Or worse, maybe you don't even remember which method you used.

How to login to Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go currently has four different ways of logging in. This makes things a little bit tricky if you've not played in a while, however, there are some things you can use to potentially make it easier on yourself.

So, the first option is to log in with Facebook. You can use your normal Facebook login and see whether or not that brings up an old account or a new one. If it's your old one, then congrats.

The next option is to log in with Google. This one will require you to enter your Google account details or select the associated account. Again, if you've got progress, then this was your old login.

The next two are Pokemon Trainer Club and Niantic Kids. Both of these are a little bit newer, but if you think you used them you'll have to select it and then go through the Forgot Your Username options to get your login.

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How to find out which email address you used with Pokemon Go

So, this is bad news.

Because there are so many ways of logging in, it's not easy to find which one you've used.

If it's not just your Google account or your Facebook, then you'll simply have to enter all of your email addresses and wait for an email to come through.

Good luck.

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