Xbox Series X White Version CONFIRMED? Leaked image hints that a new Xbox console for 2020 will come in white – but is it the Xbox Series X or the Xbox Series S Lockhart edition?

A leaked image seems to show that the Xbox Series X, or perhaps the Xbox Series S Lockhart, will be available in a cool white colour scheme…

by Rob Leane
xbox series x white version console controller price release date pre order uk usa

If you’re wondering if the Xbox Series X comes in white, today we’ve got some exciting news for you – it certainly looks like there is a good chance of this happening.

The Xbox Series X console is a next-gen piece of hardware that should, technically speaking, blow Xbox One out of the water when it launches later this year. But it’s not just about 4K, 60FPS gaming, and other impressive specs – gamers want to know if this console will come in white or any other colours!

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When the Xbox Series X’s monolithic design was first revealed, only a black version of the console was shared by Microsoft. But now it sounds like other colours could be on the horizon!

Read on to discover all the essential intel about the Xbox Series X white version…

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Xbox Series X white version: LEAKED image of controller

When Microsoft first unveiled the Xbox Series X console design, the product shown was mostly black, which could be seen as a cause for concern – especially if you want all your entertainment appliances to be white!

As things stand, Microsoft has NOT officially announced a white Xbox Series X console. But this leaked image – of a white Xbox Series X controller – makes it seem pretty obvious that a white Xbox Series X is a thing that exists…

New leaks posted online by Twitter user Zak S, who managed to get ahold of the white controller, makes reference to the Series S in the user manual.

In the replies, Zak gave further information to how he bought the controller, stating he “found it on OfferUp and got it for $35.”

He also posted a video to confirm the pictures were not mocked up using editing software.

Some fans have taken this as a clear indication that the Xbox Series X will come in white, while others have predicted that the rumoured Xbox Series S console could potentially be the white option, which is referenced in the user manual.

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Xbox Series X white version console image

There’s no official image of the Xbox Series X console in white, but fan-made renders like this one have been doing the rounds on sites like IGN:

White consoles are great because it’s not as obvious when they start gathering dust. Unfortunately, they’re a magnet for literally every other type of stain, especially when there’s a matte finish. A white model of the Xbox Series X seems pretty much inevitable, though it’s doubtful we’ll see one at launch. This is a beautiful console to own UNLESS you are a sticky peanut butter finger boy! Do you like to stick your sticky hands in the peanut butter jar and eat the sticky peanut butter? Then DON’T buy this Xbox! You’ll get your sticky peanut butter prints on everything, you naughty sticky peanut butter boy! Hoo hoo! Who is a naughty sticky peanut butter boy? You are!
IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU’RE BLACK OR WHITE: But is the lighter console cooler?

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Xbox Series X white version price: How much will it cost in the UK or USA?

Seeing as the Xbox Series X price has not been revealed yet, there’s no way of knowing how much the white variant will cost (if indeed it does exist). Seeing as this is a high-tech piece of hardware, though, we’d be very pleased if it ends up costing less than £400 GBP in the UK. Across the pond, paying less than $500 USD would be a treat.

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Xbox Series X white version release date

As for the Xbox Series X release date, all we really know right now is that the console is aiming to launch around the ‘holiday’ season towards the end of 2020. October at the earliest and December at the latest, basically. But only time will tell if the white version is available at launch.

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Xbox Series X white version pre-order

Xbox Series X pre-orders are also shrouded in mystery right now, although product pages have started to go live on Amazon and other retailers. Again, though, there’s no official word on whether a white version will be available on day-one. We’d love to see it, though!

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Rob Leane