Xbox Series X White Version: Could the Series X come in white like the Xbox Series S?

A leaked image seems to show that the Xbox Series X, or perhaps the Xbox Series S Lockhart, will be available in a cool white colour scheme…

by Rob Leane
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The Xbox Series X console is a next-gen piece of hardware that should, technically speaking, blow Xbox One out of the water when it launches later this year. But it’s not just about 4K, 60FPS gaming, and other impressive specs – gamers want to know if this console will come in white or any other colours!

Earlier this year, fans and media outlets alike became excited over the prospect of a white Xbox Series X console following the leaking of a white Xbox controller.

However, after further leaks revealed the Xbox Series S console – a low budget alternative to the Series X that comes in white – the idea of a white Series X was put to one side temporarily.

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Despite this, we’re still hopeful a white Xbox Series X could be released in the future. Read on to discover all the essential intel about the Xbox Series X white version…

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Xbox Series X white version console fan images

There’s no official image of the Xbox Series X console in white, but fan-made renders like this one have been doing the rounds on sites like IGN:

White consoles are great because it’s not as obvious when they start gathering dust. Unfortunately, they’re a magnet for literally every other type of stain, especially when there’s a matte finish. A white model of the Xbox Series X seems pretty much inevitable, though it’s doubtful we’ll see one at launch. This is a beautiful console to own UNLESS you are a sticky peanut butter finger boy! Do you like to stick your sticky hands in the peanut butter jar and eat the sticky peanut butter? Then DON’T buy this Xbox! You’ll get your sticky peanut butter prints on everything, you naughty sticky peanut butter boy! Hoo hoo! Who is a naughty sticky peanut butter boy? You are!
IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU’RE BLACK OR WHITE: But is the lighter console cooler?

Elsewhere, this fan mock-up was also shared on Twitter, comparing the black Xbox tower to a white version.

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Xbox Series X white version price: How much will it cost in the UK or USA?

Seeing as the Xbox Series X is priced at $499/£449 ahead of its release on November 10, we’d expect any white version to cost the same price, unless Xbox also charges customers extra for the white paint.

A white variant could be more expensive if, for example, a white version is released as a Limited Edition or Special Edition console alongside an upcoming Xbox title such as a new Gears of War.

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Xbox Series X white version release date

As the Xbox Series X is set to launch on November 10, there is no chance an unannounced white variant will release alongside the console, unless you count the white Xbox Series S which also releases on the same day.

We’d expect a white version to release mid-2021 at the earliest, but in reality we could be waiting a lot longer as Microsoft grapples with the logistics and production of its next-gen console in a global pandemic/

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Xbox Series X white version pre-order

Xbox Series X pre-orders came and went almost in an instant, selling out pretty quickly across the board.

As there are no updates on a white variant of the next-gen console, we can’t say anything about the pre-orders, although we can expect them to be at least less hectic than the September scramble for Xbox/PS5 pre-orders.

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Rob Leane