Xbox Series X storage: Series X has 802GB of free space! What does this mean for the Xbox Series S storage?

Now that we're just mere weeks away from the Xbox Series X/S's release in November, media outlets are finally getting their hands on the next-gen console in the form of previews.

These previews have given fans an even better insight into the Xbox Series X than ever before, comparing the console's loading times, design, and graphics to previous Xbox consoles.

However, one of the most momentous revelations came from IGN, who revealed that while the Xbox does have 1TB of storage, this won't all be available for the use of storing games. Here's what we know.

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Xbox Series X storage capacity

In a recent Xbox Series X preview, IGNconfirmed that the Series X has "802 gigabytes of usable space, after OS and system files." IGN's Ryan McCaffrey also stated that the 1TB expansion SSD from Seagate adds 920GB of storage.

This comes after many assumed the Series X would have closer to 1TB in available storage space, following the release of the console's specs. With 200GB reserved for the OS and other essential files, the storage is instead closer to the PlayStation 5's 825GB (although we don't know how much of this is reserved for the OS).

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Seagate's expansions may be a necessary purchase for Xbox owners in a few years.

If we assumed the average next-gen game takes up 60GB, the Xbox Series X will be able to hold around 13 full-sized games at a time, which still seems like a lot when compared to current-gen consoles.

Even if this revelation has left you disappointed, McCaffrey also praised the transfer times between the Xbox Series X's internal SSD and an external HDD. This means that for a cheaper storage solution alternative, Series X owners could instead store games on a HDD and then transfer them to the Xbox's SSD quickly when they choose to.

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Xbox Series S storage capacity

The Xbox Series S comes with 512GB of SSD storage, and this drop in storage size is reflected in the console's reduced price of just £249.99.

Currently, there has been no new information on how much of the Xbox Series S's storage will be reserved for the OS and other files. If the budget console reserves the same amount as the Series X, then it would be left with just 312GB of storage, roughly enough for five 60GB games.

However, Xbox's Jason Ronald has also clarified that games on the Xbox Series S will take up less space than their counterparts on the Xbox Series X. Speaking to IGN, Ronald stated "developers will not ship their highest level mipmaps to Xbox Series S, which will reduce the size of the games."

This could mean that all files and applications will not ship at the highest level on the Series S, leading to a smaller amount of storage required for the OS compared to the Xbox Series X. As more Xbox previews continue to come out, we'll let you know when the Series S storage is confirmed.

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