Xbox Series X price: How much will the next-gen Xbox cost? A market analyst weighs in on the price!

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We all know that the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles are due this year in the holidays, but we don't know how much they'll cost or even an actual release date.

There are definitely some concerns about anything that was planned to be happening this year, and that's all because of the chaos of COVID-19. But these consoles are apparently still on track despite Coronavirus.

While many people can make educated guesses or suddenly become market analysts, it's always nice to hear from someone who actually knows what they're talking about.

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That's probably why True Achievements sat down with Steven Bailey, a senior analyst who specialises in games.

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When will the Xbox Series X release date be?

Speaking about the launch of the next generation he said, "Launching a console costs billions, and planning can span years.

"The logistics involved are boggling, once you start to draw back the curtain even slightly around topics like marketing spend. They chose 2020 rather than 2021 for a reason: Because they know they need to get a new cycle of consoles into motion."

That means it's highly unlikely that we'll see a delay, at least, that's the case for the big markets as Bailey explains:

"They will want to hold the line on their launch window for key territories but expect supply constraints. That might then become 2021 delays for smaller markets."

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That means, unfortunately, that if you're in a smaller country or one less associated with gaming, that you may well have to wait for your shiny new console.

These are just predictions of course, but it's certainly a possibility with how hard manufacturing is being hit at the moment.

Don't expect this to come cheap.
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Don't expect this to come cheap.

How much will the Xbox Series X price be?

The technology inside of the next generation, especially the Xbox Series X, is astounding. A lot of it is custom-made for these machines, which usually means a high cost, and if the components cost a lot, then the machines should too.

"Prices for both machines were obviously already lurking in the $400 – $500 region, and $500, in particular, is such a major psychological hurdle that I think we'll see manufacturers absorb any extra costs rather than risk crossing that," says the expert.

"Getting people onto the platform matters more than making them spend in the short-term. It's their long-term custom that makes money."

There's an unwritten rule in the industry that states that a console that costs more than $400 tends to be less successful. There's a bit of data to back that up too, it's not definitely the reason for the lower sales, but it's hard to ignore.

This means that, in the UK, we could be seeing the Xbox Series X price at under £400. But only time will tell if these predictions are accurate...

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