PS5 and Xbox Series X release date NOT delayed by Coronavirus

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After many developers have announced how the Coronavirus outbreak is affecting them, there is much concern regarding the release of the next-gen consoles.

With both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X slated to launch this year, it's only natural to wonder if these new pieces of high-end hardware will be impacted by COVID-19.

Read on to find out whether the new consoles will be affected, and their current release date, due to the current situation.

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Will the Xbox Series X release date be affected by Coronavirus?

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s upcoming, next-gen console and is expected to be an absolute beast with some incredible hardware!

This is competing with Sony’s PlayStation 5 also releasing later this year.

The Xbox Series X is set to release later this year with no change to the release date due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

This is set for some time between October and December 2020 in the ‘Holiday Period’. Recent rumours point to a November date that will tie in nicely with Thanksgiving in the USA.

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Will the PS5 release date be delayed due to COVID-19?

The PlayStation 5 is Sony’s next-gen console. Estimates of the console's price vary from £320 to £837, with the true cost probably being somewhere in between.

After Sony’s conference earlier in March, revealing some of the specs, we know the PS5 will release dome time in the ‘holiday period’.

Again, this will be sometime between October and December.

It has been confirmed this will be unaffected by the outbreak and lockdown, so stay tuned for more news in the coming months.

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