Xbox Series X Colours: Will there be other colour options, beyond black and white, for the new Xbox console 2020?

If you're wondering if the Xbox Series X comes in other colours, you've come to the right place for some discussion on that very topic!

The Xbox Series X console is a next-gen piece of hardware that should, technically speaking, blow Xbox One out of the water when it launches on November 10th. But it's not just about 4K, 60FPS gaming, and other impressive specs - gamers want to know if this console will come in white or any other colours!

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When the Xbox Series X's monolithic design was first revealed, only a black version of the console was shared by Microsoft. But now it sounds like other colours could be on the horizon!

Read on to discover all the essential intel about the Xbox Series X colours you'll hopefully be able to choose from.

Xbox Series X colours: Black is the original

When Microsoft first unveiled the Xbox Series X console design, the product shown was mostly black, and it was widely mocked for looking quite a lot like a fridge.

Although Microsoft has since explained the monolithic design, one thing they haven't address publicly is the desire for other Xbox Series X colours. For now, then, this is the only Xbox Series X console colour that Microsoft has shown...

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BACK IN BLACK: The colour typical Xbox colour is making a comeback.
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BACK IN BLACK: The colour typical Xbox colour is making a comeback.

Xbox Series X colours: A white controller seems likely

As things stand, Microsoft has NOT officially announced a white Xbox Series X console. But this leaked image - of a white Xbox Series X controller - makes it seem pretty obvious that a white Xbox Series X is a thing that exists...

Initially shared on Reddit before appearing on Twitter, this image seems to show the Xbox Series X controller in white - this is clearly not the black version that Microsoft has shared publicly!

Some fans have taken this as a clear indication that the Xbox Series X will come in black, while others have predicted that the rumoured Xbox Series S console could potentially be the white option.

Fans will just have to wait and see - there's no way of telling right now whether this white controller is paired to an Xbox Series X, an Xbox Series S, or even the rumoured Series V.

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Xbox Series X white version console image

There's no official image of the Xbox Series X console in white, but fan-made renders like this one have been doing the rounds on sites like IGN:

 White consoles are great because it’s not as obvious when they start gathering dust. Unfortunately, they’re a magnet for literally every other type of stain, especially when there’s a matte finish. A white model of the Xbox Series X seems pretty much inevitable, though it’s doubtful we’ll see one at launch. This is a beautiful console to own UNLESS you are a sticky peanut butter finger boy! Do you like to stick your sticky hands in the peanut butter jar and eat the sticky peanut butter? Then DON’T buy this Xbox! You’ll get your sticky peanut butter prints on everything, you naughty sticky peanut butter boy! Hoo hoo! Who is a naughty sticky peanut butter boy? You are!
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IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU'RE BLACK OR WHITE: But is the lighter console cooler?

Xbox Series X colours and customisation: What do we know?

Altough Microsoft hasn't given us even the faintest whiff of an alternate Xbox Series X colour schemes, fans have taken matters into their own hands.

Take a look at this custom console design from XboxPope on Twitter, for example, which adds some Halo Infinite vibes to the Xbox Series X...

As time goes on, there's no doubt in our minds: Microsoft will surely give us some alternate Xbox Series X colour schemes at some point in the future. But only time will tell which options become available, and when we'll be able to buy them.

The Xbox Series X price, Xbox Series X release date and Xbox Series X pre-order date are all mysteries at the moment - so we'll just add Xbox Series X colours to the big pile of unanswered questions!

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