Xbox Series X white controller LEAKED online? Twitter post confirms controller may come in white or different colours, but is this for the Xbox Series S?

After the reveal of both the Xbox Series X and PS5 controller earlier this year, many lamented the fact Xbox played it safe with their controller design. Compared to the DualSense, the Series X controller is strikingly similar to the Xbox One's.

The controller's design is understandable. Xbox's main message this console generation is choice. Gamers can play Series X games on the Xbox One, use their Xbox One controller on the next-gen console and, use the new Series X controller on their previous console.

One thing that is sure to invigorate the Series X controller is customisation. The DualSense's black-and-white design divided fans who preferred the sleek, all-black design shared on PlayStation's twitter. While we haven't heard much about Series X customisation, leaked photos suggest we might see a white controller pretty soon. Here's what we know.

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Xbox Series X White Controller LEAKED

New leaks posted online by Twitter user Zak S, appear to confirm the existence of a white Xbox controller, seen in its full packaging alongside a user manual, which also refers to the not-yet-confirmed Xbox Series S.

In the replies, Zak gave further information to how he acquired the controller, stating he "found it on OfferUp and got it for $35."

He also posted a video to confirm the pictures were not mocked up using editing software.

The white Xbox Series X controller first appeared ina now-deleted Reddit post by u/Wolfy_Wizzardo, a white version of the Series X controller appeared online in late July.

The photo was reposted by an Xbox Series X news page on Twitter.

While both these leaks seem incredibly legitimate, we're still holding out for Xbox to show off Series X controller variants officially.

However, reports online suggest that this controller might be for a different Xbox console altogether...

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Xbox Series S controller

Microsoft remains incredibly quiet on the existence of the Xbox Series S. The Series S, rumoured to be a cheaper, less powerful next-gen console is alleged to be launching alongside the Series X this year.

We know very little about the console, but there is speculation that, much like the Xbox One S, the bases Series S will come in white.

If true, this could explain where the white Xbox controller comes from, with a Series S playtester leaking the controller ahead of its reveal.

Of course, the white controller could be part of a bundle alongside a white Xbox Series X, but as of the moment, we're still in the dark.

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