Xbox Series X BT code: How to get an Xbox console through BT

The Xbox Series X has had a rather successful three months. Since its launch in November 2020, the next-gen console has suffered from constant stock shortages, with restocks selling out almost immediately.

With stock levels not expected to return to normal until the latter half of 2021, some gamers are becoming more desperate and turning to eBay scalpers to pick up a new Xbox console.

However, if you're looking for an Xbox Series X and don't want to resort to giving money to a scalper, there is another place you could look - BT.

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How to buy Xbox Series X via BT

If you want to buy an Xbox Series X console through BT, you will need to be a BT customer (sorry, Sky/Virgin customers). If you are already a customer, you can log into your BT account via the BT website here.

You will then need to register your interest in buying an Xbox Series X. To do this, click this link and input the email address linked to your BT account. You can also click here to register your interest in both the Series X and the PS5.

Once you've registered, you will be placed in a queue to receive a code to buy an Xbox Series X, which will be sent to your email address. It's worth noting that this code is unique to your account and will not work for anyone else likely to stop people selling their codes.

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Where else can I buy an Xbox Series X?

For those who don't use BT, there are still other places you should keep an eye on if you're committed to buying an Xbox Series X console.

The Amazon page for the Series X is still live, but the console is currently out-of-stock via the online retailer, as is the Xbox on Argos and the Microsoft Store. However, given more stock is continuously being allocated, we'd recommend you keep these links handy.

It's also worth following the @GfinityDeals account on Twitter, which will keep you updated on all the latest next-gen stock developments.

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