PS5 and Xbox Series X stock: How AMD's "added capacity" could help you get a console

It's a really bad time to be looking at trying to upgrade your current technology in any way.

That's largely due to the abundance of scalpers with more time and money on their hands than morality, and the fact that they keep using loopholes to exploit the systems meant to supply the people not trying to profit off of other people's misery.

It's also partly due to the fact that their simple aren't enough new things to meet demand. Whether you're looking to upgrade your PC, or get a PS5 or an Xbox Series X, you'll likely be struggling to do so.

Well, AMD says that they're aware of the issue and trying to work on it, but it probably won't fix anything soon.

AMD is adding more capacity later on in the year

As reported by Tom's Hardware, AMD CEO Lisa Su, said that they're expecting to see a limited amount of AMD chips until the latter half of 2021 when "added production capacity comes online."

You see, AMD provides the chips for the next-gen consoles, and without chips they can't meet demands to make more stock.

This means that stock is limited even when it comes to the components to make them, and that means that we're not going to see a huge influx of next-gen consoles for a few months.

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Is there good news?

The good news is that, while it is frustrating to have to wait even longer, that once this issue is sorted it will hopefully lead to a boost in stock, and that means we can maybe get a new console after June.

That's not immediate good news, sorry, but we're doing what we can.

Hopefully, by the end of the year not only will we be able to go outside, but we'll also have a new console too.

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