Xbox Series S news: rumours, reveal date, specs, price predictions, release date and Reddit image for Project Lockhart, the cheap alternative to Xbox Series X

Is the Xbox Series S real? If so, how much will it cost? Learn about all the latest Xbox Lockhart rumours and news right here.

by Jason Coles
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The Xbox Series X is confirmed now, beyond confirmed, we know so much about it that it’s almost hard to believe that it’s not already in our hands.

We’ve seen the specs, potential release dates, and even a rundown of confirmed games for the Xbox Series X (which was known as Xbox Project Scarlett during development).

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It’s all fascinating, of course, but it’s not the only console that Microsoft was meant to be designing for the next-gen. Alongside Scarlett, there was meant to be Lockhart, but we’ve not heard anything about that in a long time.

In fact, the official word on it seems to be that it doesn’t exist and isn’t in development. However, the official word might just be holding out, because there have been some rumours about the Lockhart, or the Xbox Series S, as it’s been dubbed…


What is the Xbox Series S, aka Lockhart?

Codenamed Lockhart at some point, the Xbox Series S is a rumoured console from Microsoft that would serve as the low-budget alternative to the Xbox Series X.

Just as the Xbox One S and the Xbox One S All-Digital have offered a cheap option for people that can’t afford the Xbox One or the Xbox One X, the Xbox Series S would allow more people get on-board Microsoft’s next-gen train.

As it stands, Microsoft has not announced or even acknowledged the Xbox Series S, but when has that ever stopped gamers from speculating and predicting?

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Will the Xbox Series S Lockhart actually come out?

As we get closer to the second Xbox Series X event of the summer, questions are growing about whether we can expect to see Lockhart revealed.

Rumours are only going spiral from here, as it appears that Microsoft inadvertently confirmed the existence of the console in a leaked copy of the June 2020 Games Development Kit.

A copy of these documents published on Twitter by TitleOS made reference to ‘LockhartProfiling’ alongside ‘AnacondaProfiling’. As the Xbox Series X was codenamed Anaconda, this just adds even more fuel to the fire that the Xbox Series S will be revealed soon.

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A Korean Xbox news Twitter account recently tweeted out a screenshot of what appears to be a certification of two different Xbox consoles, suggesting Xbox is pushing forward with its plans for the Xbox Series S.

The rumours and rumblings have kept on coming, making it seem almost inevitable that the Xbox Series S will be revealed in the relatively near future.

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Should Microsoft Release the Xbox Series S?

A recent report from Forbes has raised some very valid questions about the Xbox Series X, making us wonder if Lockhart is a realistic thing to expect from Microsoft.

After all, just as the company is gearing up to start selling the high-end Xbox Series X console, would it really make sense for the team at Microsoft to undercut themselves with a cheaper option as well?

One of the huge selling points of the Xbox Series X is its power, and adding the Xbox Series S would seriously disrupt their marketing strategy the rumours are true and the Series S is a significant downgrade on the Series X, running at only 1080p.

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The Xbox One S All-Digital was Microsoft’s previous budget option.


Xbox Series S Lockhart specs

According to a site called My Drivers, the Xbox Series S isn’t just real, but it’s been priced up and we even have some of the specs. (Of course, we should take this with a huge pinch of salt, since it hasn’t come from Microsoft.)

It’s worth noting that despite the lower specs, the Xbox Series S (aka Lockhart) would still likely put the current-gen Xbox One to shame, because of the internal architecture.

The article states that not only will the Xbox Series S have 4 teraflops instead of the 12 that the Series X has, but it’ll also be lacking in a blu-ray drive. That should, theoretically, lead to a much lower price. In fact, the article even has a claim on that too.

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Only one part of the next-gen vision from Microsoft?


Xbox Series S Lockhart price

My Drivers suggest that the Xbox Series S price would be around $300, which translates to GBP as just over £243.

If that’s true, then that’s an almost absurdly low price for a new generation console, and it would be almost unprecedented.

This is good news for anybody interested in the next-gen, which is presumably everyone at this point.

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You’d expect the Xbox Series X controller to work with Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series S Lockhart release date

There’s no whiff of an official Xbox Series S release date, but rumours have suggested that the Xbox Series S Lockhart could launch alongside the Xbox Series X in the holiday season at the end of 2020.

As for a reveal date, Eurogamer seems to reckon that the Xbox Series S will be announced by Microsoft in August 2020.

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Xbox Series S Lockhart Reddit fan art

While we wait for official information, a Reddit user called u/jiveduder has revealed a jaw-dropping suggestion about the Xbox Series S (aka Lockhart) could look like.

Check out this fan-made render, which imagines Lockhart as a shorter cousin to the Xbox Series X…

Of course, this is simply one fan’s suggestion about the Lockhart design, but it certainly looks like something that Microsoft would release. It’s definitely how we’re picturing the Xbox Series S in our heads now.

If/when the Xbox Series S is officially revealed, we’ll be sure to let you know! Until then, we’ll be wondering whether it’s a good idea

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Jason Coles