Xbox Series S price: What will the more affordable Xbox cost? And how much cheaper than the Xbox Series X will Lockhart be?

How much would the Xbox Series S cost anyway?

by Jason Coles

While we know a fair bit about the Xbox Series X and it’s absurd power level, we still haven’t got any cold hard facts regarding the rumoured second version of Microsoft’s next-gen approach.

The Lockhart, which is the apparent codename of this version, is a less powerful next-gen console, one that’s meant to be a little kinder on our bank balances.

However, we’ve seen very little regarding the cost of either version of the Xbox Series, so what can we figure out about costs?

Well, here’s a rough idea of what kind of cost we can expect from the Xbox Series S.


What is the Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S is rumoured budget version of the Xbox Series X. The reason that it’s the budget version is that it’s meant to be a fair amount less powerful, and also not have a Blu-ray disc drive.

Of course, this is all based on a plethora of rumours, leaks, and site listings that have popped up all over the internet. It still feels as though this particular rumour has some legitimate legs though, thanks to things like official documents leaking.

The aim with the Xbox Series S seems to be to give people a less eye-wateringly expensive upgrade to the next-gen, but without hard facts regarding costs, it’s hard to know for sure.

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How much will the Xbox Series S cost

Given how much lower the specs of the Xbox Series S are, it’s likely that we can expect it to be substantially cheaper than the Xbox Series X.

We don’t currently know how much the Xbox Series X will cost though. It feels like Microsoft is waiting to see Sony play their hand first, that way they can undercut them.

It’s plausible that the Xbox Series S could cost up to £200 less than then Xbox Series X, but it all depends on just how accurate the reported specs of the next-gen console were, as well as just how much Microsoft decide to undercut Sony by.

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Jason Coles