Xbox Series S release date confirmed: When will Lockhart launch, and will it be before or after Xbox Series X?

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With the Xbox Series X rapidly approaching, it's about time we started talking a bit more about the Xbox Series S release date.

The Xbox Series X is a fairly known quantity now, and now the cheaper Xbox Series S model has been revealed. You can see how these consoles compare at this link.

Microsoft isn't the only manufacturer touting two versions of a next-gen console, either: Sony is releasing a PS5 Digital Edition without a disc drive, as well as your standard disc-gobbling PS5.

So, what kind of things can we expect from the Xbox Series S, and when will it release?

What is the Xbox Series S?

The Xbox Series S price makes it the budget equivalent of the Xbox Series X - it will only cost £249 GBP or $299 USD.

The Series S will not have a disc drive, and the rumours of its specs suggest that you will not be able to play in 4K on it. But there is meant to be an SSD, which means you'll still get

Basically, it'll be a less powerful and far cheaper version of the next-gen Microsoft console.

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Xbox Series S release date

Confirmed in the trailer above, the Xbox Series S will launch on 10th November 2020.

This lines up with the fact that we already knew the Xbox Series X release date is set to occur in November.

As things stand right now, it's looking a lot like BOTH next-gen Xbox consoles will launch on 10th November, with fans given the choice between high end and low end.

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