Xbox Series S opinion: This fan's design was MUCH better, but it was worth it for these memes

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The Xbox Series S has finally been revealed, with Microsoft confirming a $299 USD price point for the semi-skimmed version of the Xbox Series X. That's £249 GBP in the UK - a brilliantly low cost, which will tempt a lot of people.

But despite that awesome saving, some questions have been raised about the bargain console's design. The memes are already circulating. People are already comparing the Xbox Series S to a boombox, a dehumidifier, and a washing machine.


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Before we get into the memes (they're coming soon, promise), let's just take a moment to appreciate an incredible fan-made Xbox Series S design. Keep reading for the full story, and hopefully a few laughs...

This fan-made Xbox Series S looks so much better...

An awesome vision of what the Xbox Series S could've looked like was posted on Reddit, a few months back, by a user named JiveDuder. You can take a look at their fan-made design right here...

r/xboxone - Xbox Series S - Thank Me Later
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It predated the official reveal by quite some time, and you could argue that this fan-made design is much better than the Microsoft-approved official design for the Xbox Series S.

JiveDuder's Xbox Series S looks like a younger brother to the full-fat Xbox Series X, retaining a hint of that monolithic design but making it smaller and cuter. Like the Series X, this version of the Series X really looks like a 'box', and it could've added a thematic relevance to the brand-name Xbox.

Basically, we loved this fan-made design, and it would've been cool if Microsoft's product had ended up looking like this. Instead, the Xbox Series S looks more like an Xbox One than a true sibling to the Series X.

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... but these Xbox Series S memes were worth it

It's not the design we would've chosen, but still, the Xbox Series S has already been a source of great joy. And that's not just because the low price point will open the door for a lot of gamers to get involved with next-gen. Nope, on a much larger scale, it's the memes that are bringing us a lot of laughs.

Much like the Fridge-like Xbox Series X console and the wonky reveal of Halo Infinite graphics, Microsoft has created another meme fountain with the Xbox Series S. Even John Cusack loves it, for example...


And fans are already dreaming up some brilliant custom versions of the console...

Also, everyone is wondering where they can order one...

But was the Xbox Series S secretly designed by Sony??

And yep, that washing machine comparison isn't going anywhere...


So yeah, the Xbox Series S design could've been better, but this weird version has already been worth its weight in memes! And it's hard to argue with such a low price point.

Now if you don't mind, this has reminded me to run off and do some laundry...

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