Will FIFA 21 be on Xbox Series X? When will the next FIFA game hit Xbox Series X?

The latest instalment of the world’s biggest-selling football game franchise will also be the first to hit the next-gen consoles. FIFA 21 is heading to the Xbox Series X in time for the console’s launch, which is great news for footy lovers who are eagerly anticipating Microsoft’s next-gen machine.

EA has officially announced that FIFA 21 will be released for current-gen consoles, including the Xbox One, on 9 October, before heading to next-gen consoles. The release of the Xbox Series X is scheduled for the end of 2020, so FIFA 21 will likely be one of the first titles to be available at launch.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on FIFA 21, though, there’s good news. EA has confirmed free upgrades for those who buy FIFA 21 for current-gen consoles before upgrading. Which means, if you’re planning on buying an Xbox Series X, you won't have to double-dip.

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FIFA 21 on Xbox Series X - what you need to know

The initial release of FIFA 21 will reach current-gen consoles on 9 October, so you will be able to play the new game on your Xbox One. The game will then be released for the Xbox Series X later in the year. 

And with it, we expect, will come all the benefits that the next generation of gaming has to offer. That means better graphics, smoother play and massively reduced loading times. 

Even better, EA’s ‘Dual Entitlement’ offer will let you upgrade your copy of the game from current- to next-gen at no extra cost. This benefit is redeemable until the release of FIFA 22. However, it won't work across platforms. So if you buy the game for Xbox One, you can only redeem your free upgrade on the Xbox Series X (and not Sony’s PS5). 

PlayStation owners face another potential stumbling block... Buying the disc version of FIFA 21 on PS4 means the free upgrade will only work on the disc-drive version of the PS5 (and not the all-digital console). 

Thankfully, Xbox fans don’t have to worry about that. Currently, there’s only one version of the Xbox Series X due for release – disc drive included. This means either disc or digital purchases will be eligible for upgrade. However, it’s still worth considering the PlayStation situation. It may become relevant if Microsoft does go on to release an all-digital version of the console next year – such as the rumoured ‘Xbox series S’.

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