PS5 vs Xbox Series X release date: Which next-gen console will launch first?

Which of the next-gen consoles will launch first?

by Jason Coles
PS5 vs Xbox Series X

The new consoles are coming soon. Well, soonish, we’ve still got no actual release date, nor a price, for either the PS5 or the Xbox Series X.

However, we can try and predict which console will launch first based on how both Sony and Microsoft are behaving.

You see, the marketing strategies are likely to affect a lot of the decisions made, and that helps us to deduce what could happen when we finally see our first release date.

So, read on to discover why one of the consoles is more likely to launch earlier than the other.

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Will the PS5 or the Xbox Series X launch first?

While Sony undoubtedly has a stronger position going into this console generation, that means that Microsoft is a little hungrier for success.

We’ve seen a little bit more flexing on Microsoft’s behalf, and that leads us to believe that we’ll see the Xbox Series X launch first, and quite probably at a lower price too.

The reasoning is that they’ll want to not only get ahead of Sony, but also undercut them to try and draw in more of the excitement for the next generation of consoles.

They also seem keen on waiting for Sony to announce certain things first, which allows them to play a more reactionary game when it comes to marketing.

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When will the consoles launch?

Microsoft blinked first in the console release date battle, revealing that the Series X would launch in November 2020. This is the first time either company have committed to a release date more specific than the ‘Holiday 2020’ time frame.

As for Sony and the PS5, there has yet to be any official news.

The latest predictions/rumours suggest that the PS5 release date will fall in the middle of November, but perhaps with a staggered release that reaches Japan first.

However, this year has brought many unique challenges to any and all of us, and that means we could well see things delayed, or at least in short stock thanks to COVID-19.

We’ll just have to hope there are somehow enough for all of us when they do launch, and that they won’t cost all of our money too.

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Jason Coles