PS5 vs Xbox Series X boot time VIDEO: Which console gets you into a game quicker?

Now that the reviews have arrived for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X, more analysis is being done for all their new features, with their boot-up time having the most investigation.

Ever since the consoles were officially announced, SSD, or Solid State Drives have been touted as a ’game-changer‘ to the next-generation.

Even though they’ve been a standard in Computers and smart devices for years, they were yet to appear as a standard in game consoles.

But now, they’re here, and they are making waves in booting up at the start. Here’s how they match up.

An SSD ReBoot in seconds

Ever since the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, booting games from a hard drive has been faster than loading from a disk, but compared to an SSD, it’s considered an ancient technology now, using a mechanical hard drive.

With both next-gen consoles now featuring a SSD drive up to 1TB, and the Xbox Series S featuring a 512GB SSD drive, the boot times have been something of a wonder for many.

But thanks to the above tweet, we now know the speeds. Booting up a PS5 or an Xbox Series results in a 24 second boot-up, markedly faster than the previous generation.

However, the Xbox Series has one advantage over this which has been a line of contention in the PS5 reviews.

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Which is better?

The Xbox Series consoles have the ‘Smart Resume’ feature, which enable more than one game to be switched between one another and go directly into the game, without having to load up a title from scratch.

Even though the boot times are near equal, we are tempted to give this to the Xbox mainly due to the ‘Smart Resume’ feature, and also that the storage in the PS5 cannot be expanded for now.

It’s a bizarre choice from Sony, but it’s not surprising, especially with their backwards-compatibility stance.

However, at the start of this next-gen, or now current-gen situation, we are now in an SSD age, and it’s exciting time to see what upcoming features from both consoles will take advantage of this storage medium.

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