PS5 restock date and availability tracker: When will more PlayStation 5 consoles be available?

Wondering how to set up PS5 stock alerts or find out where the PS5 is in stock? Here’s how to get notified when the next restock happens…

by Rob Leane
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The PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition have now rolled out around the world, but you might be struggling to find one and wondering when a restock might happen.

If you’re not willing to splash out thousands for a PS5 that’s being sold by scalpers on eBay, some online retailers are gradually releasing new stock being sent to them by Sony, who will be producing more PlayStation 5 consoles by the minute.

After all, the internet is a wonderful thing, so it’s not too unreasonable to assume that there is a stock tracker out there which can help you find console availability.

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Keep on reading to find all the essential info on PS5 restocks…

Where can you buy PS5 direct? Where is the PS5 in stock?

Following its biggest console launch ever (with estimates from VGChartz putting the PS5’s sales at over 2.1m units), Sony recently tweeted thanking its fans for all the support.

The company thanked “gamers everywhere,” while also confirming that “more PS5 inventory will be coming to retailers before the end of the year.”

For fans in the UK, the retailer Curry’s is one place that seemed to have stock recently as last week you can click right here to go to the Curry’s PS5 page!

While Amazon’s product page says ‘Currently Unavailable’, you’ll want to be keeping an eye on its PS5 listing here , as the retailer is known to keep restocking its next-gen consoles. Indeed, the latest restock happened as recently as November 19 – the launch date in many regions. You can click here to check the Amazon page, though – it might have updated since we wrote this.

The PS5 Digital Edition also seems to be out of stock at Amazon, but we’re hoping this will also come back into stock soon- you can click here to check out the product page for that one.

Argos has also sold out of its PS5 allocation but looks to be hoping for a restock in the near future. You can sign up for PS5 stock notifications from Argos using this link.

Interestingly, we saw that Laptops Direct recently had the PS5 in stock, albeit bundled with a 4K gaming monitor. It appears to be out of stock now, but its worth keeping an eye on this site in the future!

There is also a whole family of official PS5 products, from headsets to charging stations, which are available to order now and more likely to be in stock compared to the consoles- you can click here to check out the range. At the time of writing, Amazon’s listing for these accessories has both the DualSense and HD Camera in stock, which you can order here.

Aside from these retailers, you can also check to see if there are any available PS5’s direct from Sony/PlayStation through this link. Currently, the PS5 is out of stock on the site, but given not many people will think to check this website, it’s certainly one to keep an eye on…

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How to sign up for PS5 restock alerts

With rumours and reports suggesting that more PS5 stock could appear on the 19th November (thanks to the console’s staggered global release dates), there are some things you can do to improve your chances of getting one.

If you want to be the first to know when the PS5 comes back into stock, the best thing to do is to sign up for alerts on – if you click that link, you’ll be taken to their dedicated page about the PS5 console.

You’ll see an option for ‘Quick Sign Up’ on the right-hand side of the page: drop your email in there and Stock Informer will inform you of stock as it arrives.

Stock Informer doesn’t work with every retailer on the planet, though, so you might want to double down on your chances by keeping your eyes peeled on Twitter: follow our friends @GfinityDeals, by clicking that link, and they’ll keep you updated with next-gen stock updates as they happen!

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Rob Leane