PS5 DualSense controller vs Xbox Series X controller: What are the differences in their specs, features, capabilities and more?

With both the PS5 and Xbox Series X controller having been announced, we take a look to see what’s what.

by Jason Coles

In May, the world was introduced to the DualSense, the PS5 controller that is following on from the DualShock range.

The reveal has shaken the world to the core, with many people being confused by the retro-futuristic look. Others have simply commented on how much it looks like Sonny from I Robot.

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No matter what you think of the aesthetic though, it sure is a brand-new controller. In the announcement, we also got a fair few details, which means we now have access to details about both the PS5 controller and the Xbox Series X controller. So then, who’s up for a comparison?

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Xbox Series X controller vs PS5 DualSense controller similarities

Right then, onto what makes them very similar first. If you take a quick look at them, you’ll notice that the shape is almost identical. This is largely due to the changes to the DualSense than anything on the Xbox end of things though.

Both controllers have haptic feedback, meaning that the rumble features will be nearly as good as the Nintendo Switch’s, which is probably about time. It also means that games will feel more real, and we literally mean feel as the vibrations become more apt at mimicking things going on in the games themselves.

The Xbox Series X controller!

They’ve also both got adaptive triggers. This, once again, will allow for more feedback going straight into your hands. It means that if a developer wants a gun to feel like it’s jammed, then they can do that. It should lead to a far more immersive experience as a result.

Both controllers also use the USB Type C charging cable, which should make for more efficient charging. Although it is at this point that it’s a good idea to move onto the differences.

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Xbox Series X controller vs PS5 DualSense controller differences

The first difference is that the Xbox Series X controller will apparently use AA batteries, while the DualSense will use a rechargeable internal battery. That means one works out much cheaper in the long run, though it is hard to imagine there won’t be some kind of add-on for the Series X to fix this issue.

Sony also revealed in the PS5 reveal event that the DualSense will use motion controls– a feature the Xbox Series X controller does not have. This means there is potential for players to shake, rotate, or move the controller to complete puzzles or aim in some games, similar to how motion controls work for the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons.

The DualSense also has a built-in microphone, used for both communication and gameplay. It does not appear that the Series X’s controller has this functionality, meaning players will require a headset to communicate with other via multiplayer.

The other main difference is the placement of the analogue stick. The DualSense is sticking with the symmetrical layout, which keeps it in line with everything that Sony has done before. The Xbox is sticking with an asymmetrical layout, which makes it the far superior choice.

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The DualSense controller for PS5!

Well, it’s far superior in terms of analogue sticks anyway. The D-Pad also seems to be a little more advanced on the Xbox Series X side of things, though the DualSense controller retains the touchpad of the DualShock 4.

Those are the key differences and similarities between the Xbox Series X and DualSense controllers. Of course, you could always compare the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 too, if you want.

Also, with the PS5 DualSense controller now having its own official Amazon product page, you can click here to learn even more about Sony’s latest offering!

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Xbox Series X controller vs PS5 DualSense controller colours

In the past generation, both the Xbox One and PS4 opted for a safe black controller for the base consoles. While the Series X has stuck to this design, the PS5’s DualSense is instead a dual black-and-white colour.

We know that a black DualSense is potentially coming in the future, but there are no updates as to whether the Xbox Series X will also get different controller variants.

However, based on the current-gen controllers, there’s no doubt that both controllers will eventually come in a variety of different colours.

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Jason Coles