PS5 vs Xbox Series X Boxes: Which box art is better, what are the differences and how have they changed?

While more gamers are moving away from physical games to a fully digital library, especially with the PS5 Digital Edition and rumoured Xbox Series S, how boxes will look on a shelf is still an important consideration for many.

We now know what the boxes will look like for both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, and even though they are pretty similar to their predecessors, both Xbox and PlayStation have made some changes to their design.

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Here's all you need to know, and our opinion on which is better.

How have the PS5 and Xbox Series X game boxes changed? What are the differences?

The Xbox Series X box, in line with Xbox's overall message of not leaving the Xbox One behind, does not include the words 'Series X' in the header. Instead, it simply says 'Xbox'.

Instead, the systems that Xbox owners can play the game on are shown beneath in a subheading.

Xbox has also included an 'Optimised for Xbox Series X' badge on all games that will run better on their next-gen console, as well as showing if a game is 4K capable.

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Cluttered: Are there too many logos on this box?

The PlayStation 5's box remains very similar to the PS4's only it has changed the colour of the header from blue to white, using the black PS5 logo instead. This colour scheme follows the two-tone black-and-white branding that Sony has opted for with its next-gen console and controller.

PS5 Box design
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With great power, comes great games. Possibly?

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Which box is better?

If we're being honest, we aren't too happy with either of the new designs.

The Xbox Series X box is taken over by branding and optimisation logos, obscuring the fantastic box art of upcoming games. The PS5's white branding just isn't doing it for us, especially with the blue border still remaining on the casing.

If we had to choose right now, the PS5's box is our favourite simply because it doesn't feel too cluttered but, when games start to come out on just the Xbox Series X and the 'Optimised for Series X' logo disappears, we might change our minds.

UPDATE: Daniel Ahmad posted this side-by-side unofficial comparison of the Xbox box art without the 'Optimised for Series X' branding alongside the caption "Microsoft listened to feedback", suggesting the company is dropping the branding from the front of the box.

The Verge's Tom Warren also retweeted this image, adding that the branding will now be on the back of the retail box instead.

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