Why the Xbox One camp LOST OUT in the current-gen console war versus PS4

We're nearing the end of this console generation, and while it feels like it's coming to an end a little soon for some, a lot of us feel like it's about damn time.

It was an odd generation, there were no gigantic leaps in graphical fidelity, to begin with, and the cross-gen games at the beginning of it held a lot of titles back.

One thing that we know for certain is that the Xbox One didn't reach anywhere near the dizzying heights of the PS4.

Why is that though, what happened after the power of the Xbox 360?

What did the Xbox One do wrong

They say you only get one shot a good first impression. If you had to pick the thing that caused the most damage to the Xbox One, it would be a very poor first impression.

There was talk of it being digital-only (something that wouldn't be as outlandish now, always online, and about how it would eliminate game trading and the second-hand market.

People weren't ready for that yet, some still aren't, so that left a sour taste in everyone's mouth.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, a lot of people decided just the idea of that was enough to move them over to the PS4, and that's what happened.

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What did the PS4 do right

Sony basically just said they weren't interested in doing any of that stuff. That was enough to convince people to hop over to the Sony side of the fence.

Once that happened, people got the console their mates already owned, so it made sense for it to snowball.

Of course since then, we've seen that the Xbox One X is a powerhouse, and that Xbox Game Pass might just change the industry as we know it, so the next-gen is going to be a fun one for sure.

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