Golden PS5: Another Gold PS5 is being released, made from 20kg of gold!

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While the majority of PlayStation fans praised the PS5's white design when it was first revealed in June 2020, a vocal minority dismissed the shift to white from the PS3 and PS4's black aesthetic.

Given Sony has yet to reveal a black PS5 variant, gamers wanting to pick up the next-gen console are forced to go with the white version, or buy an Xbox Series X instead.

However, for those wanting a more 'luxurious' PlayStation console, there are is an alternative coming to the market soon...

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Golden Rock PS5 revealed!

The Russian jeweller Caviar has announced it is creating a PlayStation 5 console cast in 20kg of 18k gold, assembled in eight sheets. Caviar has named its golden PS5 the 'Golden Rock' after the golden ore design seen in its PS5 variant.

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(Image: Caviar)

In a press release, Caviar said it "could not pass by such a luxurious and very difficult to manufacture golden version of the PlayStation."

This PlayStation 5 will be fully playable, and will also come with two DualSense controllers made from crocodile leather and 18k gold. We're not sure how much the extra weight will affect gameplay or the temperature of the console, but its likely the 20kg of gold could have some impact.

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Finally, a black DualSense controller...

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How to buy a Gold PS5: Gold PS5 price, release date

Caviar has not revealed the release date or the price of the Golden Rock PS5 console, but we'd expect it will be pretty expensive.

Given that the price of 18k gold is currently $43.91 per gram, scrambling together 750g for the casing would cost over $32,000. This doesn't even include the other 20kg mass of gold or the crocodile leather, meaning its likely only a very, very select few will ever be able to afford this luxury PS5 console.

As for the release date, the Caviar announcement is named the 'Announcement of 2021', so we'd expect it to launch sometime in the next year. Hopefully normal PS5 stock levels rise by then.

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Is there another gold PS5?

If Caviar's Golden Rock PS5 is not to your taste, Truly Exquisite previously revealed its gold PS5 prior to the PlayStation 5's release.

Truly Exquisite's PS5 is currently on sale for around £8000, with delivery expected in January or February. The company even offers a golden 3D Pulse headset if you want the full golden collection.

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Made of 24k gold or 18k rose gold (depending on your preference), this gold PS5 gives Caviar's design a run for its money, and probably doesn't weigh as much.

That $499 RRP isn't looking too bad now...

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