5 reasons to buy an Xbox Series X instead of a PS5

The next-gen is coming people, in fact, it's coming this year. That's exciting stuff for sure, but you still need to know which console you want to get.

Now, we've covered the reasons you might want to get a PS5, so you're good to go if that's your preference, but what about the Xbox Series X?

Well, we've put together a small list of some of the reasons you might want to get an Xbox Series X instead of a PS5.

None of these reasons are the shape, so don't expect that.

Bigger numbers mean more power

We can argue about which console is better until the cows come home, which to be fair, shouldn't be long, because it's not like they're going on holiday any time soon.

When it comes down to it though, numbers are very much on Microsoft's side. They've got 12 teraflops the PS5 only has 10.3, and they've got a 1TB SSD, while the PS5 only has an 825gb SSD. Simple.

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Xbox Game Pass is amazing

Xbox Game Pass gives you every first-party game on release for a monthly fee. It's not just that though, you also get a huge array of third-party games as well. It's just a lot of value for a very low price, and it basically means you'll never have to buy a game again.

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Always have the best game with Smart Delivery

Of course, if you do want to buy games then you'll be happy to know that Smart Delivery exists. Smart Delivery is a system that Microsoft is going to use that will mean you can buy a game and no matter where you play it, you'll always be playing the most optimised version.

Better Backwards compatibility

While Sony are now getting involved in the world of backwards compatibility, Microsoft has been doing it for a while.

Not only will you be able to play basically every Xbox One game, but you'll even get some Xbox 360 games, and even some original Xbox games as well.

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You can play your games anywhere

If you happen to own a PC and will also be getting an Xbox Series X, then there's some good news. The Xbox Play Anywhere service allows you to pick up your games on one platform and play them on both.

This is perfect if you often find yourself away from your console for whatever reason, but you still want to dive into your favourite game for a quick session.

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