10ft PlayStation 5 console sells for $70,000

The PlayStation 5 is already a pretty hefty console. When compared to the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 4, this behemoth next-gen console towers above its competition.

However, somebody clearly thought the PlayStation 5 was still too small, and created a enormous 10-foot tall PS5, which has been bought for an equally staggering price.

Here's the scoop on this PS5 XL...

YouTuber buys huge PS5 console

The YouTuber ZHC recently posted a video showing off a 10ft PS5 they had bought for a whopping $70,000. Weighing in a 500lbs, this is believed to be the world's largest PlayStation 5 console.

ZHC bought the PS5 for part of a charity competition, in which ZHC competed against a collection of artists in customising each of the 10ft PS5's faceplates. ZHC would give away PS5's to the artists if they won, alongside donating a pile of the consoles to Children in Need.

You can watch the full video from ZHC below:

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Huge PS5 Controller

Alongside the 10ft tall PlayStation 5 console, ZHC also revealed that this tower came with an equally large, 4ft custom DualSense controller.

In ZHC's video, the YouTuber showed off footage of them playing Minecraft using the oversized controller, in which they had to use one hand on each joystick just to move.

ZHC further confirmed the controller works on his Twitter account, posting an image of the DualSense's internals, which appear to use an Xbox Adaptive Controller. We'd dread to think what the haptic feedback is like, though...

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