Zac Efron wants to join the MCU as Human Torch fan-casting continues

High School Musical and The Greatest Showman actor Zac Efron has had a varied career in cinema. From aforementioned Disney musicals to a thrilling performance as infamous serial killer Ted Bundy, Efron is a far more versatile actor than many give him credit for.

Despite the actor's reputation as a buff action star, Efron has been in surprisingly few action movies. Outside of 2017's Baywatch and two Neighbours movies, the actor has mostly targeted more dramatic roles. However, with the actor’s eyes on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that may be set to change.

Will Zac Efron be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

In an interview with Extra TV, Efron explained that he is very interested in taking on a Marvel role in the future. While promoting his upcoming Stephen King adaptation, Firestarter, the actor was asked about a potential MCU role.

With many fans “fan-casting” the actor as multiple MCU characters, it seems like an inevitability that Efron will enter the Marvel universe. In response to fans wanting him to star in Marvel projects, Efron explained that he would be well up for it.

"I love the Marvel universe. I have been a fan of Marvel since I started walking,” the actor told Extra TV. “If the right character comes along, and they want me to jump in, I would jump at the opportunity."

Since the announcement of Marvel's upcoming Fantastic Four movie, multiple fans have wanted Efron in the role of Johnny Storm. With John Krasinski the fan-favourite choice for Reed Richards, Efron could be a great fit for the hot-head Human Torch.

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The Adam Warlock Casting

The ongoing fan-casting pitch to put Zac Efron in the role of Johnny Storm isn’t the only time fans have wanted him in the MCU. In fact, Efron’s fan-casting started back in 2017 when the post-credits scene for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 revealed future plans to introduce Adam Warlock.

Not only did fans clamour for Efron to play the Golden Boy in Guardians 3, but rumours claimed that Marvel was looking for an actor similar to Efron’s style for the role. However, for Guardians of the Galaxy 3, the role of Adam Warlock has instead gone to Will Poulter.

Zac Efron will likely end up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe one day. With another decade of movies and TV shows already planned, there's a lot of opportunities for the actor to sink his teeth into the Marvel universe.

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