Yu-Gi-Oh! cards brought to life in amazing mixed-reality livestream

yu-gi-oh-cards-hologram-livestream-real; a French streamer summoning the Blue Eyes White Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh card with hologram technology.

Yu-Gi-Oh continues to be one of the most popular trading card games around, although it’s mostly known for the anime. In the anime, characters use hologram technology to bring the “Duel Monsters” to life, and a French streamer has done the same.

French streamer Super Zouloux has shown off his unique invention that brings these 3D models of Yu-Gi-Oh monsters to life. It’s the closest thing fans will have to see these creatures in the flesh, at least for now.

Prior to this, fans only got to witness these TCG monsters come to life through video games and the anime. While this won’t become something we see in the official tournament scene, it’s still a bit many fans will enjoy.

Jake Lucky, an eSports YouTuber, was able to help explain what Super Zoulox did to give us these 3D monsters. Apparently, it was a mix of augmented reality sensors, camera magic, and the Elagato Stream Deck that gives us holographic creatures.

“He has programmed each and every card in his deck, through several applications to automatically display each monster and to even change cameras after the animation is done,” says Lucky (via WarGamer).

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Yu-Gi-Oh fans hoping to see this in every tournament from here on out will need to calm down, as the process takes a lot of work. Super Zoulox makes custom animations for each of these TCG monsters, which is a time-consuming method for a hobby, let alone a professional setting.

Fans hoping to see these Yu-Gi-Oh monsters in action can catch Super Zoulox doing streams with his invention every month. Don’t expect to see this technology on sale anytime soon, though an AR-related Yu-Gi-Oh contraption is a neat idea.

Perhaps, with the upcoming tech trend of AR glasses, we might see something similar in the future. Would that get us to pick up some AR specs? You know what? It just might!

Currently, fans that want to see 3D Yu-Gi-Oh monsters on the cheap can check out Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel, which is Free-to-Play on nearly any gaming device. There are also plenty of readily available Yu-Gi-Oh trading card decks, but make sure to read the rules carefully.

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