Nreal AR glasses instantly transcribe real-speech for deaf people

The best aspect of modern technology, is its tendency to make life easier, especially for the disadvantaged. XRAI Glass, a new software paired with Nreal AR glasses, aims to continue that trend by transcribing real-time speech for the deaf.

While augmented reality tech has been criticised as of late, its ability to act as an accessibility tool is fantastic. But how does this device actually work?

Nreal AR glasses that help the deaf

According to BGR, the XRAI Glass software works by picking up voices and transcribing them to the Nreal AR glasses. While the full details on this software weren’t revealed, a promotional video shows an actual deaf person supposedly using them.

Once the software picks up voices, the device creates live subtitles of what the person is saying. The details on how that works is still being kept a secret but the video does show us something promising.

This technology is also adopted by other companies. For example, Google is aiming to use very similar AI tech to transcribe group audio in augmented reality.

Hopefully, the video above is legitimate and not something made to manipulate the audience like the recent metaverse legs debacle. Overall, there’s a lot of hope for this software to be a good aid for deaf people in the future.

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Technology is helping people

Seeing the XRAI Glass help people via the Nreal AR glasses shows just how beneficial technology can be to humanity. We’ve also seen prosthetic arms and legs help people who lost their limbs so there’s proof that not all tech is bad.

Unfortunately, no release date for the XRAI Glass has been revealed, though we assume that will eventually be revealed. Only time will tell if they are going to work as good as the video shows but we hope that’s the case.

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