YouTuber creates PS2 handheld that looks like a good Wii U

The PlayStation 2 is one of gaming's most cherished consoles. Unfortunately, despite being released in 2001, a lot of the console’s fantastic library is still stuck on original hardware. Even the PlayStation Vita, Sony's 2011 handheld, didn't have the grunt to bring the PS2 into the future. But what is there was just a PS2 handheld?

GingerOfOz’ PS2 handheld

YouTuber GingerOfOz had that exact same idea. After years of creating impressive portable GameCube and Wii, he decided to test out a PlayStation 2 portable hack. Despite never touching the guts of a PS2 before, his hack turned out to be incredibly impressive.

GingerOfOz’ project has been titled the PlayStation 2 Eclipse, and it eclipses all PS2 handheld projects we've seen before. Using original PS2 hardware in a 3D printed shell, the project looks remarkably sleeker than other YouTubers’ efforts.

Oz trimmed down the PS2 motherboard to fit inside a slim-ish handheld shell. The YouTuber then attached PlayStation Vita buttons, Nintendo Switch analogue sticks and USB storage to the device to make it a damn-good portable hack. Of course, there's also a 5” screen and a rechargeable battery.

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What are the restrictions?

In GingerOfOz’ video, it's revealed that the PlayStation 2 eclipse project isn't perfect. The YouTuber noted that there are a couple of shortcomings to the PS2 handheld that make it less enjoyable than it could be.

For starters, the device’s controller emulation doesn’t always work on every game. This might be due to the fact that some games can only be played in digital or analogue modes which Oz’ controllers can't switch between. So, unfortunately, the entire PS2 library isn't available.

Furthermore, the PS2 handheld runs off slow USB 1.1 storage due to the limitations of the original hardware. This means that loading times are pretty slow and oftentimes cutscenes can skip. It’s not perfect, but it's still pretty cool.

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