The PlayStation 2 DVD remote can play Doom, Tekken and more

We've all seen weird and whacky PlayStation 2 controllers. Outside of the traditional third-party abominations, Capcom released a Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw console, they also released an Onimusha sword controller. Bizarrely, these monstrosities aren't even the worst controllers for the system, that would be the PlayStation 2 DVD remote.

Posted on Twitter by YouTuber Stop Skeletons From Fighting, the PlayStation 2 DVD remote is a secret controller for the console. Featuring a full set of PS2 buttons at the bottom of the remote, players can use the device to play a collection of games on the console.

How to play games with the PlayStation 2 DVD remote

The PS2 DVD remote is used much like a normal DualShock controller on the console. Since the PS2 doesn't have an infrared sensor that's needed to receive remote commands, you'll have to use a dongle.

The dongle was originally included with the retail release of the PlayStation 2 DVD remote. Unfortunately, secondhand devices may not have it. Nevertheless, connecting the dongle into the controller port of a PS2 will then allow you to use the remote to play games.

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What games can be played with the PS2 DVD remote?

There isn't currently a concrete list of games that can be played with the remote. However, Stop Skeletons From Fighting did notice that certain types of games can always be played with the DVD controller.

Due to the fact that the remote isn't a DualShock analogue controller, games that rely exclusively on analogue control cannot be played. On the other hand, any game that features digital control options can use the remote to its full potential.

The Twitter post explains that games such as Tekken 5, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 and, of course, Doom can all use the remote. Weirdly, the PlayStation 2 Mega Man Anniversary Collection doesn't support digital controls despite its retro foundations.

The question now becomes, “Should you play games with the PlayStation 2 DVD remote?” The answer is a resounding no. Input lag on the remote control is exceedingly high. While you could probably play a decent game of early-round Tetris, you won't want to play much else.

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