You Can Soon Talk to ChatGPT on Your Nothing Phone and Earbuds

Nothing Phone (2) with the glyph lit up on a glass counter
Credit: Nothing

Nothing Phone (2) with the glyph lit up on a glass counter
Credit: Nothing


  • Nothing is bringing ChatGPT voice compatibility to its smartphones, allowing you to talk to the AI chatbot via Nothing Ear earbuds
  • There’s also added features like the ability to press a button and share screenshots or items from clipboard into ChatGPT chats
  • Nothing is rolling out the update from today, starting with Nothing Phone (2), but Nothing Phone and Phone 2(a) will get it soon

Following the start of pre-orders for the new Nothing earbuds, aptly called Nothing Ear and Ear (a), Nothing is also rolling out updates for further ChatGPT integration, allowing you to directly talk to the AI chatbot.

After the successful launch of the Nothing 2a last month, the company is further enhancing the capabilities of ChatGPT once the app is installed on your Nothing smartphone. Announced via a blog post on the Nothing community site, Nothing OS 2.5.5 is adding a gesture in Nothing X that lets you talk to ChatGPT via the Nothing Ear and Ear (a) in Nothing Phone 2, starting from today. The company also confirms that OS 2.5.5 is arriving for Nothing Phone and Phone 2a in the coming weeks, as well as support for other earbuds in the future.

While the ability to use ChatGPT Voice is available to ChatGPT free, making it accessible for all users, there's a request limit, giving you another reason to upgrade to ChatGPT's paid version. Alongside the voice functionality, Nothing is also bringing more ChatGPT widgets and the ability to press a button on screenshot and clipboard pop-ups to directly paste content into a chat with ChatGPT.

It's unclear whether other AI chatbots will make their way into Nothing's ecosystem of devices. Options like Copilot Pro and Claude would be excellent to offer the user plenty of choice when it comes to their chatbot in their ears, but obviously, it requires the ability to talk to the chatbot first and foremost.

In the same blog post, Nothing is also bringing Ultra XDR camera support, RAM Booster, more widgets, and general improvements and bug fixes. Nothing is becoming a heavy weight in the smartphone industry, as a competitor that offers budget-friendly phones that also offer exciting features.

Is talking to ChatGPT a big deal in general? Probably not. But, it's nice to be given the option to talk to something more knowledgeable than the likes of Siri.

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