Toast your bread in style with this Xbox Series S toaster

xbox series s toaster
Credit: Walmart

xbox series s toaster
Credit: Walmart

The Xbox Series S might not be as powerful as the Series X but it’s an adorable console with a great design. Its design is so good that we’re getting an Xbox Series S toaster soon, complete with the Xbox X on your toast.

As discovered by Twitter user Wario64, Walmart will be selling an awesome-looking Series S toaster for a decent $39.99. More details for the toaster were also revealed by The Verge, confirming six levels of browning, a crumb tray, and other features. What caught the attention of fans was the fact it can imprint the Xbox X on your toast.

Simply put, this Xbox Series S toaster is amazing and any fan of Microsoft’s console should consider getting it or even gifting the appliance to someone. We’re sure that most Xbox fans will get more use out of this than the actual Series S, which is lacking in power when compared to the PS5 and Series X.

Gamers might opt to get the Series S console since it’s cheaper and is digital-only, making great use of Microsoft’s Game Pass service. Sure, it might struggle to play stronger games like Baldur’s Gate 3 or Alan Wake 2, but the console is still a decent current-gen experience. More options for gaming is always a good thing, so in that sense, it’s good that the Series S exists.

While the Xbox Series S existing is great for the consumer, especially since it inspired this Xbox Series S toaster, it’s not so great for game developers. Numerous devs have complained about the system’s lack of power, struggling to get some of the best current-gen games to work on the system. Despite this, Microsoft won’t be abandoning the Series S, as the company released a 1 TB model recently.

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Fans can easily purchase an Xbox Series toaster from Walmart, so hurry while it's still available. Meanwhile, an actual Series S console can be purchased from most game stores.

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