The Xbox Series S toaster is being targeted by scumbag scalpers

The Xbox Series S toaster on a kitchen counter popping out branded bread slices

Ever wanted to toast your bread with an Xbox logo in the middle? Well, that’s what the Xbox Series S toaster is for, but scummy scalpers are already targeting the device to sell at over 200% its initial sales price.

Announced on January 4, the Xbox Series S toaster is a cute little device for fans of the gaming brand. Initially set to sell at a reasonable $40, the toaster would be a cheap and cheerful accessory for the kitchen.

The Series S Toaster is a very simple device with a defrost button, six shades of toasting and an LED timer to keep your eye on the toasting time.

Via VideoGamer, eBay listings for the new toaster already show scalpers charging unreasonable rates for the toaster. At the time of writing, scalpers are charging a 225% price increase over the device’s RRP.

Some listings for the Series S Toaster are charging as much as $89.99 for the novelty kitchen appliance. The majority of listings are charging 200% on the original price, asking for $79.99 instead of $40.

Unfortunately, scalping affects almost every hardware launch these days. From the new Steam Deck OLED to Nvidia RTX 4090 GPUs to Limited Edition Spider-Man PS5s, scalping is still a major issue for new products. After all, we all remember trying to get a launch period PS5.

The Xbox Series S toaster is supposed to be available at Walmart now for just $39.99. However, you likely won’t be able to get one. Sorry!

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