Xbox's only good exclusive Hi-Fi Rush might be getting DLC soon

xbox only good exclusive hi-fi-rush might be getting dlc
Credit: Tango Gameworks

xbox only good exclusive hi-fi-rush might be getting dlc
Credit: Tango Gameworks

Hi-Fi Rush, the only good Xbox exclusive from recent memory, might be getting some DLC in the future. Unnamed achievements were discovered in the game’s Steam files recently, hinting at some additional content for the rhythm-based spectacle fighter.

Fans discovered the unnamed achievements on SteamDB, all of which don’t have names and are TBA. Considering how it’s been quite a few months since the game came out, all signs are leading to this being some new DLC for the game.

There hasn’t been much DLC for Hi-Fi Rush, as the Tango Gameworks-developed adventure was a satisfying and self-contained game. While there is some post-game content for those that want an additional challenge, there aren’t many signs pointing to a sequel.

So far, DLC for the game has been relegated to additional costumes, which are really only for hardcore players. After all, players can’t even customize Chai and his friends until they beat the game for the first time, which seems counterintuitive.

Considering the kind of game Hi-Fi Rush is, we wouldn’t be surprised if the DLC ends up being some extra challenges or combat rooms. Getting additional story content would be nice but it’s too early to tell what kind of content we will be getting from this title.

It hasn’t been a great few years for Xbox, as the company hasn’t really had a killer app aside from, well, Hi-Fi Rush. We recently got Redfall from Arkane, which might be one of the worst games out this year had it not been for the release of Gollum. Microsoft is probably hoping that Starfield ends up getting all of the acclaim but we’ll have to wait and see.

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Expect more news regarding the potential DLC soon, since achievements appearing like that in SteamDB mean they should be announced soon. Meanwhile, fans can pick up Hi-Fi Rush right now on Xbox Series and PC via Steam.

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