Xbox Game Pass, GeForce Now comes to older Samsung TVs

xbox game pass geforce now playable 2020 samsung tvs
Credit: Xbox

xbox game pass geforce now playable 2020 samsung tvs
Credit: Xbox

Now that older TVs are losing support from various apps, Xbox Game Pass and GeForce Now coming to 2020 Samsung televisions is a nice change. It’s not a common thing we’re going to see, due to ever-evolving technology, but seeing Samsung update their older units is pretty neat.

FlatpanelsHD has confirmed that Samsung will be bringing these game-streaming apps to some of their 2020 TV units. This will be done through a new app called Boosteroid, which will make cloud gaming apps like Amazon Luna, Xbox Game Pass, and GeForce Now.

"We created Boosteroid to offer players effortless access to high-end gaming rigs through the cloud, allowing unlimited AAA gaming," Vlad Kosmin, Corporate Vice President for Boosteroid said. "Samsung Gaming Hub is a dream platform for our players because it was built from the ground up for game streaming, removing barriers to entry with no downloads and no consoles or PC required.”

Anyone with a 2020 Samsung TV will need to update their unit’s firmware to 2500.00, which is simple enough. Once the firmware has been updated, users will be able to get these apps via the television store, so it’s a pretty painless transition.

Seeing Samsung add Xbox Game Pass and GeForce Now to 2020 TVs is a good move, though others are wondering about units that are even older. At the time of writing, no statement has been made about much older models getting these cloud gaming services, but things can always change.

This is obviously a huge win for Samsung, but also for GeForce Now and Xbox Game Pass. Both services have provided gamers with a way to enjoy their games via cloud streaming, as long as they have a stable internet connection. It’s not just the 2020 Samsung televisions that were affected, as cell phones and tablets can also play various games with these services.

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Gamers interested in cloud gaming will be able to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass and GeForce Now pretty easily.

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