Wonder Woman game devs have other DC projects in the pipeline

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Wonder Woman game devs have other DC projects in the pipeline

Monolith Productions, the team behind the fantastic Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, is working on a Wonder Woman game. However, it seems the team is already exploring new DC ideas outside of its current project.

In a LinkedIn job listing from the studio, Monolith teases other DC projects that may be in development alongside the new Wonder Woman game. While not much has been shown regarding the Wonder Woman project, Monolith has been working on the title since 2017’s Shadow of War.

The job listing asks for an Executive Producer at the studio that will oversee multiple projects at the company. Monolith’s new role also explains that the new producer should have knowledge of the DC franchise, leaving many to assume new DC projects are in the works.

Owned by Warner Bros, Monolith’s next project was always expected to be based on the company’s existing IP. This means that the studio would likely be working on some form of Lord of the Rings or DC property, so the news isn’t too surprising.

Warner Bros is currently going hard on its DC gaming lineup. Batman: Arkham developer Rocksteady is working on Suicide Squad Kills the Justice League, and Gotham Knights developer WB Montreal is working on another Batman title. Of course, Monolith’s Wonder Woman title is also in the works, but only a smidge of new concept art has been released since its unveiling.

At the time of writing, very little is known about the Monolith game. However, the title will most likely see the return of the patented Nemesis System, allowing enemies to remember your actions and respond as gameplay evolves over time.

While we have no idea what other DC games Monolith might be working on, there are a few cool ideas that come to mind. For example, an actually good Superman game would be fantastic to see, as well as a game based on The Flash. With the fast seek seek times of SSDs, could we actually see a Flash game work on modern hardware?

Wonder Woman is expected to release on Xbox Series, PS5 and PC sometime in 2024.

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