Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad game will have a battle pass for some reason

rocksteady suicide squad game will have a battle pass for some reason
Credit: Warner Bros.

rocksteady suicide squad game will have a battle pass for some reason
Credit: Warner Bros.

It looks like some of the fears fans had for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League are coming true. The upcoming shooter, which promised a seamless single-player and co-op experience, is actually a live-service game, complete with a time-consuming battle pass.

Considering how Gotham Knights proved to be a disappointing live-service game, it’s unfortunate to see Warner Bros. go back to that route so quickly. While no confirmation from Warner Bros. Interactive has been given in regards to the game being live-service, the evidence looks pretty damning.

Unless a major debunking happens, it looks like the upcoming Suicide Squad game will follow the games-as-a-service model and that’s not great. The fact that this is coming from Rocksteady, a company that made stellar single-player Batman games, makes this more disappointing.

A leaked Suicide Squad game image from 4chan made its way to social media, showing the typical games-as-a-service menu UI and a battle pass. From what can be seen, this makes the shooter look like every other shooter in the market, which isn’t what you want from a DC game.

Naturally, this led to a mixed reception from gamers, with many disappointed that they can’t just have proper single-player titles anymore. Rebs Gaming, a Twitter account that shared the image, actually said the game’s menu “looks like Modern Warfare 2 UI lol.”

The fact that this game is coming from Rocksteady adds to the disappointment, given their previous work with DC properties. Rocksteady previously made the excellent Batman Arkham games and though they dabbled in DLC, they were still great single-player titles.

Despite Gotham Knights not lighting the world on fire, it seems that Warner Bros. still wants some of that live-service money. Why they would choose a property like Suicide Squad to do that is an odd decision, but so was the one that led to Gotham Knights. Hopefully, it’s a quality shooter.

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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will be coming to current-gen systems sometime this year.

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