Microsoft Finally Makes Windows Store Slightly Less Atrocious

windows store easier to use
Credit: Microsoft

windows store easier to use
Credit: Microsoft


  • The Windows Store is finally easier to use
  • When downloading apps, users won't have to go through multiple windows anymore
  • It's still a work in progress, some apps still open multiple windows

Microsoft has finally done PC users a favor and made their Windows Store easier to download apps from, something many of us have been asking for. Calling this an “undocked” version of their online store, this will ensure that users will be able to download necessary apps without much hassle.

Rudy Huyn, the Principal Architect of Microsoft, shared the news about this new Windows Store, announcing that it’s going to be more streamlined from now on. Huyn acknowledges that the previous version was a bit much, opening more windows than necessary, so this new update will have apps downloaded after a few clicks.

While Huyn claims that this will make apps downloadable in two clicks, an article in The Verge says it’s technically three, but that’s not too bad. Users simply have to click the app they want to download, click the launcher that will add the app, then click “install” to add it to your computer.

Prior to this, trying to get the necessary apps needed from the Windows Store was a bit of a nightmare, as users would have to go through multiple windows before clicking “install.” It meant too many things to click and delete, hence wasting plenty of your time when you just want a simple thing from that store.

Although these changes will make most apps easier to download from here on out, it seems that there are still some suffering from multi-window syndromes. The Verge says that Discord will still bring up multiple windows just to download it on a computer, so this process will take time. Let’s just hope that Microsoft plans to update this for every app on their system, so that no one will have to be frustrated when downloading apps.

Fans will now be able to use the Windows Store better on their Microsoft computers, so they should test this out by getting whatever apps they want or need. It’s still a work in progress, but the company will be making plenty of people happy with this.

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