Discord will let developers make games for their app

discord actual playable games
Credit: Discord

discord actual playable games
Credit: Discord


  • Discord will let developers make games for their app
  • Discord is also letting developers directly make apps for them as well
  • Full integration starts on March 18

Discord has been a very gamer-friendly app for the longest time, so it only makes sense that games will be added to this service soon. The company has announced that they will allow developers to make various mini-games specifically for this chat-based app, presumably to liven things up.

Starting on March 18, Discord will allow developers to make mini-games and activities for the app, via the Embedded App SDK. With this, developers will be able to make these activities directly in the app, making sure that everything goes smoothly for its eventual release.

“Plenty of Discord Developers out there have had their eyes on Activities, wondering when they could create their own,” stated the blog post. “Starting March 18th, Discord Developers will be able to build new games and experiences that can be played directly on the platform with our new Embedded App SDK.”

Developers are also experimenting with adding apps within Discord and letting users activate them without a hitch. Apps like YouTube have already found their place, so it will be fun to see what else is allowed and what Discord gets out of it.

It’s an interesting direction for the company, adding even more game-related items to an app that’s heavy on the video game discourse. Users were already using the app to play online with their friends and this should help them kill time before deciding on the next activity.

We doubt any of these apps will become Game of the Year contenders, but making Discord a livelier place isn’t a bad thing at all. Considering how gamers can be the absolute worst pieces of garbage in today’s society, you could argue this is too good for them.

This is a more positive direction for the app, as it has seemingly stopped flirting with the idea of making those useless NFTs. Only time will tell if this ends up being a worthwhile endeavor, but Discord will survive, given how much of a place it has in gaming.

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