William Shatner will reportedly be blasted into space by Bezos’ Blue Origin

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin is in dire need of good publicity. As the space company falls flat in front of SpaceX to the point of continuous litigation, the company has a plan to win favour. Blue Origin is reportedly sending Star Trek actor William Shatner to space.

William Shatner will be the oldest person in space

Reported by TMZ, Captain Kirk actor William Shatner will be blasted into space in a 15-minute rocket journey. The 90-year-old actor will be part of an all-civilian crew, similar to Bezos’ trip earlier this year.

TMZ claims the trip will be filmed for an upcoming documentary. It’s not clear if the documentary is about Star Trek, Shatner, Blue Origin or space travel. Whatever the case, it’s good publicity for the Bezos-owned company.

Tickets to participate on these private space trips are extraordinarily expensive. SpaceX’s recent three-day trip in space cost around $200 million for four participants. Blue Origin's seats are far cheaper. The final seat on Bezos’ trip sold for over $20 million. However, that's still an astounding cost.

With that said, Shatner's trip will reportedly be free for the actor. While the actor could certainly afford to pay his way, the publicity stunt is more important for Bezos’ space company. Additionally, it's not like Billionaire Bezos can't front the cost.

William Shatner is expected to boldly go into space this October.

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Will this save Bezos’ space company?

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin is not in a good place. The company is far behind the progress of rival companies like SpaceX. Additionally, Bezos made the situation worse by suing NASA to gain access to work on NASA’s 2024 moonwalk.

As a result, Bezos’ company is not expected to gain anymore work in the government sector following its work on the 2024 mission. However, if Bezos doesn't get more government contracts, he'll likely just sue again to get more.

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