Heroes Of Metaverse: What Is Heroes Of Metaverse Game And How to Buy Heroes of Metaverse Token?

In recent times, Metaverse gaming has become very popular. We saw the likes of The Sandbox, Decentraland, Ertha, Ethlas and Axie Infinity rise to fame with millions of users. Heroes of Metaverse is the latest addition to this list. So what is it all about? Read on and find out more.

What is Heroes of Metaverse Game?

Heroes of Metaverse is an upcoming Free-to-Play, Play-to-Earn game where players fight monsters and bosses to collect NFTs and coins. The gameplay is based on famous RPGs games like Maplestory, Grandchase, Diablo, and Ragnarok.

In the game, players travel the "Metaheroes World", defeating monsters and developing their characters' skills and abilities. In addition, players complete quests, earning the game currency "HGS", experience points, and exquisite NFT items.

The game allows players to learn professions that allow them to create equipment, accessories, or potions. Moreover, players can also interact with others by trading in the marketplace or chatting.

Like many other Play-to-Earn games, NFT is one of the core mechanics of Heroes of Metaverse. Currently, the only way to get NFTs is by joining the pre-sale on January 14th.

Equipment, Weapons, and Pets are the NFTs available in the game. Each item has a unique rating and will give you better status and the strength necessary to collect more coins, experience, and earnings.

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How to Buy Heroes of Metaverse Token?

The Heroes of Metaverse game has a dual token economy: HoM and HGS. HoM is the primary token and HGS is the secondary.

The holders of the HoM token can use it for in-game purchases, governance, and marketplace transactions. Whereas, the HGS token has an infinite supply and is used to reward players. 

Players can earn the in-game token (HGS) by grinding, defeating monsters, completing challenges and opening chests. On the other hand, players can acquire HoM tokens by buying them from exchanges or selling their valuable NFTs in the marketplace.

Currently, the Heroes of Metaverse (HoM) token is not available for buying. As per the website, the primary token will be available in the exchanges only after the NFT Launch (Jan 14).

So, you have to wait till Jan 14 to get your hands on the HoM token. Once the sales of HoM tokens starts, the exchange platform will make available the HoM token to buy in the exchange.

We will update you with the exchanges where you can buy HoM tokens. Stay tuned!

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