Warner Bros unable to find DC Films Head to lead new MCU-like approach

After the death of The SnyderVerse, Warner Bros. is taking a new approach with DC Films. In a bid to do battle against the Marvel Cinematic Universe, WB is looking for its very own Kevin Feige.

Despite being such a high profile property, the film studio is seemingly unable to find its DC Films lead. Will that change in the near future?

Warner Bros loses Dan Lin for DC Films head

Previously, it seemed that It and The Lego Movie producer Dan Lin would be taking charge of DC Films. Unfortunately, following the merge of WB with Discovery, those talks have fallen through.

According to CNBC, talks stopped due to complications with Lin’s own movie studio. The report claims that Lin aimed to keep his studio, Rideback, under the Warner umbrella if he took over DC. However, that appears to no longer be happening.

As such, Dan Lin has decided not to take over DC Film. Instead, the producer will stay at Rideback, producing more films on the level of previous projects.

Currently, there is still no one attached to helm the next generation of DC movies. However, President and CEO of Warner Discovery, David Zaslav is reportedly talking to a number of other candidates.

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Hamada’s Plans

Of course, whatever comes next for the DCEU will likely happen after Walter Hamada’s long-running plans. These plans aim to transition the current DC universe into something new.

Hamada‘s big plans start with the controversial The Flash movie. Starring Ezra Miller, who has been arrested numerous times this year for harassment and violence, the movie will kick off a huge event.

This event would be an adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths, a multiverse movie that combines DC films of old, present and future into one fight. At the end, a new universe will be made.

This new universe will be a fresh slate for DC, and the start of its 10-year plan. Furthermore, this new plan aims to finally compete with Marvel, building up phases in a similar vein to the MCU.

It’s not known if this new universe will include the recent popular Batman movie. Considering that film’s grim-dark, gritty nature, we’d assume that to be kept separate. Then again, with Discovery in charge now, you never know.

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