Valve tells Steam Deck owners to stop breathing in the vent fumes

valve tells steam deck owners stop breathing vent fumes
Credit: Valve

valve tells steam deck owners stop breathing vent fumes
Credit: Valve

The Steam Deck has been an incredibly entertaining piece of hardware, letting gamers play most AAA games in the palm of their hands. However, users have also been entertaining themselves with the fumes that come from the system’s vents, but Valve has advised players not to do that.

Reddit user Metapod100 was brave enough to ask Valve if inhaling the Deck’s fume vents could lead to any potential damage. Valve replied to the user, who shared the screenshot below (via Kotaku), telling them to knock it off for their long-term health.

While the reply does acknowledge the Steam Deck meme of inhaling the fumes, they feel that users should try to avoid this so they don’t hurt themselves. Most people would think this was an obvious thing to do, but the internet has made others try stupid things to get attention, unfortunately.

Valve tells gamers to stop breathing in the Steam Deck fumes
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Credit: Metapod100(Reddit)/Kotaku

For those curious, the fumes are usually a result of more powerful games being played on the Deck. They will be relatively weak when playing an indie game, though something more powerful will activate them. Apologies to those who play God of War 2018 on deck, but you shouldn’t inhale these fumes anymore.

Although not completely the same, this does remind us of the time Nintendo purposefully made their Switch cartridges taste bad so kids wouldn’t put them in their mouths. This was done for children but numerous adults were curious about how it would taste and proceeded to do just that. In case anyone is curious about the amount of brain rot the internet could cause, you now have two major examples thanks to video games.

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Gamers curious about the Steam Deck, or the recently-released Steam Deck OLED, should get it for the gaming possibilities and not to inhale fumes. Valve’s handheld is currently one of the most powerful gaming devices around, able to play hit titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man and Cyberpunk 2077 with ease, albeit, with some restrictions.

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