US Congress is Trying to Ban TikTok Again

TikTok icon with ban symbol on o

TikTok icon with ban symbol on o


  • US Congress attempts to speed up the TikTok ban by wrapping it inside a foreign aid package.
  • Chinese-owned company ByteDance might be forced to sell the application to a US-backed buyer.
  • The case will most likely be escalated to the courts with China hinting at forcing a block on the sale.

The US Congress has once again made an attempt at getting TikTok either sold or banned in the USA. This time they're wrapping it up inside a foreign aid package and trying to put it on the fast track.

The US government wishes for Chinese company ByteDance to give up ownership of the application and sell it to a US-approved company instead. ByteDance is currently one of the world's most profitable startups and while it's not owned by the Chinese government, there are concerns that the government could force their policies regardless.

This ban was originally passed in the House earlier this year and got stalled in the Senate. Now it has been tacked onto the foreign aid package for Ukraine and Israel and will most likely be approved within a few days. This was done in a move to speed up the usual process

This bill will give Bytedance one year to find a US approved buyer for TikTok. However, the Chinese government has hinted that they will forcefully block this sale if it comes down to it.

However, the ban does not mean that TikTok will immediately be removed from mobile devices. Instead, the battle for TikTok's ownership will take place in the courts, as ByteDance will compete against the US government to retain its ownership.

The primary concern for the US government has to do with security and privacy concerns. Congress takes issues with the harvesting of user data and potential misinformation campaigns in times of crisis. The Israel-Palestine conflict has only given further agency to such concerns.

TikTok has also recently infuriated Congress, as they reached out to users inside the app and asked them to contact their local representatives to protest the ban.

Several countries have already banned TikTok. Countries that banned TikTok include India, the EU, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, New Zealand, the UK, and Afghanistan. Most of these countries share concerns over user data and privacy while some are worried about the degradation of youth culture due to such apps.

Meanwhile, tons of TikTok creators are signing open letters to President Joe Biden stating that this move would alienate voters, while others are also planning protests outside the Capitol on Tuesday.

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