Will TikTok be banned in the US?

Will TikTok be banned in the US app icon

Will TikTok be banned in the US app icon

TikTok is one of those apps that everyone loves to use, right? Either teenagers or young adults and beyond, it's just great to endlessly scroll through funny videos. But the app has been under fire recently for its data collection practices so much that people are wondering: will Tiktok be banned in the US?

This has long been a point of discussion, but recently the US government has been taking notice and is doing a series of investigations into the matter.

So, let us look at all the information and try to see if Tiktok will be banned in the US.

Will TikTok be banned in the US?

At the moment, it is difficult to say what will happen.

The US Government has banned TikTok from all federal government devices, with the agencies forced to comply before the end of March.

Federal Chief Information Security Officer Chris DeRusha said "this guidance is part of the Administration’s ongoing commitment to securing our digital infrastructure and protecting the American people’s security and privacy."

The government fears that TikTok is being used by the Chinese government to spy on American citizens since the app is owned by a Chinese company and all companies in the country are mandated to share all the data they collect with their government.

Why is TikTok being banned?

In 2020 India also banned the app from phones, amid growing privacy concerns. Basically, TikTok collects data from users such as:

  • Videos watched and commented on;
  • Location data;
  • Phone model and OS being used;

This is similar to the data collected by other social media apps, such as Facebook, but the growing user base of the app, along with the young age of the users has raised concerns all over the world. TikTok's company, ByteDance, has repeatedly denied these accusations.

If you're still using TikTok and want to get more out of the app, we recommend taking a look at how to message and how much data it uses.

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