Ultron drones will reportedly be a major threat in Doctor Strange 2

The reintroduction of classic Marvel villain Ultron in last week's episode was a fantastic second chance for the character. Complete with his army of Ultron drones, the rogue AI is finally a true threat in the MCU.

Ultron's What If appearance may not be the end of his MCU tenure. Reportedly, the villain will at least be making an appearance in next year's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. What a twist!

Ultron and Ultron drones are coming back!

Reported by The Direct, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will see the return of the beloved Marvel villain. With the titular Doctor delving in an out of multiple universes, it's not a surprise that one of the franchise's greatest villains will be returning.

At some point in the film, Strange is expected to battle a horde of Ultron bots. Strange is said to have second-hand knowledge of the hivemind sentries, but he'll struggle to escape. According to the report, Marvel and director Sam Raimi aren't scared of bringing in old characters. Additionally, these aren't the only recurring villains.

It’s not known if these Ultron sentries will be from the same universe as What If’s Ultron. However, it seems likely that the ongoing miniseries is introducing elements that could be visited on-screen. For example, we could also get a hint at a live-action Marvel Zombies?

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Doctor Strange 2 is wild

If Doctor Strange 2 leaks are to be believed, the upcoming Marvel film is going to be a riot. Following on from all-but-confirmed Spider-Man: No Way Home leaks, the Multiverse of Madness will be truly insane.

Past leaks involving alleged pre-vis graphics have revealed the appearance of X-Men’s Professor X. Additionally, further leaks have shown Professor X fighting a multiverse incarnation of Wanda Maximoff. On top of that, the film’s central narrative will see Wanda as the villain and the appearance of America Chavez. Is that complicated enough? It sure does sound like it.

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